🌴Summer is Here

I’ve been busy these past couple months with boutique prep and travel to South Carolina; making lots of new jewelry pieces, photography and life in general. It’s been a fun couple months, but now back to the grind. With the CV pandemic winding down (thank GOODNESS) business has been picking up, so I have a lot to share on both of my websites. Eventually I want to combine everything under one umbrella of “AmeriKim Designs”, since my photography encompasses the biggest part of my business. I have so much creative energy that has been bottled up over the past year, I need to release it ALL! So I’ll be adding new and exciting items to my website over the next few months, so stay tuned friends!

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out my Instagram page, be sure to follow me there as that’s where I am most active. I’ve made my account public, so anyone is welcome to follow. ❤

Here are some of my latest summer vibes designs…a lot of Hemp Macrame, Wire Wrapped Pendants, stretchy bracelets and more. Thanks for stopping by! Lots of Love, Ameri Kim