5 Strand Braid…Just in Time for St. Patty’s Day!

I love learning new things, whether it’s related to hobbies like photography/photoshop, cooking, candle making, or my latest favorite hobby, making jewelry. Learning new techniques is exciting…and challenging. When you figure out how to do something, that feeling of accomplishment feels really great!

I’ve always wanted to learn new braiding techniques besides the typical 3 strand braid. I figured I’d skip straight ahead to the 5 strand braid. I learn best by watching others, so I took to YouTube to search out braiding tutorials (after trying to learn from looking at the written and graphic diagrams, I wanted to pull my hair out…not a good idea…I love my hair LOL). I watched a few video tutorials which I found equally confusing and rushed through and it left me even more frustrated, but I wasn’t going to give up… I will figure out a way. I mentioned earlier that cooking is a hobby of mine. I love watching cooking videos (Hello Sam The Cooking Guy!). Suddenly, the light switched on in my brain…THAT’S IT! Braided BREAD! I searched and found a gal who was teaching how to braid Challah Bread. She used 5 large “Ropes” of bread dough, and slowly walked through each step. I felt the neurons in my brain connecting… I immediately figured out how to do it!! So long story coming to an end, I got busy making suede & leather bracelets, which have a pretty Celtic Knot & Infinity look to them. There is also a moral to my story here…Never give up! It’s not cliche, seriously! Figure out a way that you learn, there might be something you can correlate it and keep on pushing on.

Thanks for reading! Here are a few that I have done and are for sale. 🙂

P.S. Miss Hen says Hi (My no.1 photo prop in most of my pix). Miss Hen is loving all the attention. 🐔